Essai de classification des bananiers plantains (AAB)
[Taxonomy of banana and plantains (AAB)]

  • Authors : Tézenas du Montcel, H.; De Langhe, E.A.L.; Swennen, R.

  • Document type : Journal article

  • Year of publication : 1983

  • Journal title : Fruits

  • Volume (number) : 38 (6)

  • Pages : 461-474

  • Peer-reviewed : Yes

  • ISSN : 0248-1294; 1625-967X

  • Language(s) : French

  • Abstract : Afin d'aboutir à une détermination codée des cultivars de bananiers plantains, il est proposé une nouvelle hypothèse permettant de classer les plantains en trois grands types: les géants, les moynes, les petits. On considère que ces 3 grands types originaux ont dégénérés au cours du temps, passant du stade de French au stade Faux-Cornes puis au stade Vrai-Cornes.

    [This articles proposes a new hypothesis enabling the classification of plantains in three major groups : the giant, the middle sized, and the smallest. It is assumed that these three original groups "degenerated" in the course of time, passing from the stage of "French" to that of "Vrai Corne". The mutations that have influenced amongst others, the coloration of the pseudostem, the fruits, the fingers' apex, have contributed to the extreme variability encountered in the plantain sub-group. The dwarfism (dwarf mutation) which is not found among the three major types of plantain in the different degenerating stage completes the whole phenomenom at the origin of the many existing plantain cultivars. (Author's Abstract-translated).]


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