The Wild Bananas: a catalogue of wild Musa species and tribute to Markku Häkkinen

  • Authors : Sachter-Smith, G.

  • Document type : Book

  • Year of publication : 2023

  • Publisher(s) : Bioversity International

  • ISBN : 978-92-9255-260-2

  • Pages : 217

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : This book is a monograph of wild Musa (banana) species, featuring detailed taxonomic and morphological information, photographs and references. It was a project of the former sea captain and banana taxonomist Markku Häkkinen to publish this book, along with the budding banana researcher Gabriel Sachter-Smith. They worked together on it until Markku's untimely passing in 2015. Gabriel has since dreamt of finishing the work as a tribute to Markku. The result is a beautifully illustrated and informative catalogue of 89 banana species and subspecies, many of which were described by and named after Markku. The PDF is 53 MB. The link below gives access to a lighter PDF of 23 MB.


  • Open access : Yes

  • Document on publisher's site : open View article on publisher's site

  • PDF : open

  • Musalit document ID : IN230001

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