Madras Bananas, a monograph

  • Authors : Jacob, K.C.

  • Document type : Book

  • Year of publication : 1952

  • Publisher(s) : Government Press

  • Place of publication : Madras, India

  • Pages : 228

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : The present book is the outcome of a late recognition tithe fact that the 'Banana' is of sufficient economic importance in South India to merit a monograph. The author who has been engaged in the survey, collection and study of the banana of South India during the last fifteen years of his service, gladly undertook the task of writing it up after his retirement in 1944 at the invitation of the Government of Madras and has spared no pains to make the book as complete and useful as possible. While he has freely drawn upon material from other publications on the subject, much that relates to South Indian bananas are based on his original observations and study and have been recorded for the first time.


  • Open access : No

  • Musalit document ID : IN190282

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