Studies on growth and development of the dwarf banana in the coastal plain of Israel: III. Comparative value, as planting material, of suckers from young and old rhizomes

  • Authors : Oppenheimer, C.; Gottreich, M.

  • Document type : Journal article

  • Year of publication : 1954

  • Journal title : Ktavim

  • Volume (number) : 5 (1)

  • Pages : 53-55

  • Peer-reviewed : No

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : In a previous trial, it had been found that since suckers from young rhizomes (sword suckers) were more reliable as to flowering time and produced heavier bunches than did those from old rhizomes (water suckers), the former should be chosen as follow suckers in an established plantation wherever possible. This would leave the water suckers available for planting material in the establishment of new plantations. Hence it was necessary to find out whether water suckers are suitable for this purpose. A second trial, herein reported, was therefore planted and observed for one period from planting to flowering to compare the value of water and sword suckers as planting material.


  • Open access : No

  • Musalit document ID : IN170206

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