Progress Report on Bunchy Top of Abaca

  • Authors : Ocfemia, G.O.

  • Document type : Journal article

  • Year of publication : 1926

  • Journal title : Phytopathology

  • Number : 16

  • Pages : 894

  • Peer-reviewed : Yes

  • ISSN : 0031-949X

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : Results obtained from experiments using Pentalonia nigronervosa as vector indicate that bunchy-top may be transmitted from diseased abaca plants to healthy ones by this aphid. Material from several sources was used in the preliminary experiments, namely, young abaca plants grown in the Plant Pathology experimental plots, infected plants in the Agronomy field, and plants grown from seeds. Since bunchy-top plants do not produce fruits, disease-free plants were obtained from seed. Seeds were germinated in flats, and after emergence the seedlings were transplanted to pots where they were screened by cheesecloth. These seedlings were used in transmission experiment's. Further work is in progress.

  • Keywords : ABACA; BUNCHY TOP

  • Open access : Yes

  • PDF : open

  • Musalit document ID : IN160076

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