The exploration of Musaceae in Maluku Islands, 18 November - 14 december 1996

  • Authors : HS, E.; Sutanto, A.; Hermanto, C.; Razak, N.; Uji, T.

  • Document type : Report

  • Year of publication : 1997

  • Publisher(s) : INIBAP; Research Institute for Fruits

  • Place of publication : Montpellier, France

  • Pages : 38

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : As a native area of Musa, Indonesia has great amount of genetic diversity of Musa and its pest. At least, there were found four important banana diseases, such as fusarial wilt (Panama disease), bacterial wilt (Moko and blood disease), Sigatoka leaf spot and bunchy top disease. In the Eastern Indonesia, especially Maluku, Irian Jaya and Sulawesi islands are believed to be a native area of the Musa diseases. For example, the agent of banana blood disease is named Pseudomonas celebensis because the disease was found in Sulawesi (Celebes) in the first time. The aim of the exploration was to get the information, to collect the commercial and wild Musa in Maluku (Ambon district and Central Maluku District) as a germplasm resource and to get the information of the diseases.


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  • Musalit document ID : IN140116

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