Manual on Fungicides and Fungicide Resistance Monitoring in Banana

  • Authors : Pérez Vicente, L.F.

  • Document type : Book

  • Year of publication : 2013

  • Publisher(s) : FAO

  • Place of publication : Barbados

  • Pages : 69

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : Black Sigatoka leaf spot management requires frequent application of systemic fungicides. Mycosphaerella fijiensis has a significant capacity of variation and adaptation. The Mycosphaerella leaf spots-Musa spp. pathosystems are continuous in time and space and the pressure of selection of populations with low sensitivity and resistance to the fungicides in use is high. The frequent use of monosite active ingredients in the BSD control can result in the selection and build up of fungal populations tolerant to these products, with decline in control levels and a concurrent increase of protection costs. For this, it is of paramount importance that the management program includes a systematic monitoring of the sensitiveness of fungal populations to the main active ingredients being used for BSD control. In the present manual the main fungicide groups used in banana for disease management, their mechanism of action and resistance as well as theory of the process of selection of resistant population are reviewed. The current recommended protocols developed for testing the sensitiveness of populations to the main fungicide groups are included.


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