Bananas, plantains and other species of Musaceae

  • Chapter Authors : Lescot, T.; Staver, C.

  • Document type : Book section

  • Year of publication : 2010

  • Book title : Quality declared planting material. Protocols and standards for vegetatively propagated crops

  • Editors : Fajardo, J.; Lutaladio, N.; Larinde, M.; Rosell, C.; Barker, I.; Roca, W.; Chujoy, E.

  • Collection : FAO plant production and protection paper 195

  • ISBN : 978-92-5-106425-2

  • Pages : 15-31

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : Five methods are common for obtaining planting material for the establishment of new plantings of banana and plantain. Each method has specific requirements in terms of facilities and equipment, generates planting material at a characteristic rate and has particular risks of pest and disease contamination. The methods range from a few suckers extracted from backyard gardens, to small seedbeds with a few hundred seedlings distributed at the local level, to a manufacturing unit for producing several million in vitro plants per year. The five techniques are described in this chapter.


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