Banana and plantain: an overview with emphasis on Pacific island cultivars Musaceae (banana family)

  • Chapter Authors : Ploetz, R.C.; Kepler, A.K.; Daniells, J.W.; Nelson, S.C.

  • Document type : Book section

  • Year of publication : 2007

  • Book title : Species profiles for Pacific Island agroforestry

  • Publisher(s) : Permanent Agriculture Resources

  • Place of publication : Holualoa (USA)

  • Pages : 27

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : The plant family Musaceae, composed of bananas, plantains, and ornamental bananas, originally evolved in Southeast Asia and surrounding tropical and subtropical regions (including New Guinea). Africa is a secondary center of diversity. The two genera Ensete and Musa in the family Musaceae are covered here. Please note that this manuscript is not all-inclusive and that much of the complex species and cultivar taxonomy is in the process of revision and expansion. Readers are encouraged to consult with the many excellent online resources listed in the "Bibliography" for current information.


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