The virus diseases: bunchy top

  • Chapter Authors : Wardlaw, C.W.

  • Document type : Book section

  • Year of publication : 1961

  • Book title : Banana diseases including plantains and abaca

  • Editors : Wardlaw, C.W.

  • Publisher(s) : Longmans

  • Place of publication : London (GBR)

  • Pages : 68-115

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : When first observed and investigated, the virus diseases of the banana and allied crops seemed complex, variable and confusing. They still appear complex, as indeed, they are by their very nature, and many confusing and enigmatic aspects still await clarification. However, thanks to the pioneering work of Magee and other pathologists, the nature of these diseases is now much better understood, though, as the following pages will show, much remains to be done. But in the early days, when poor soil conditions, inadequate upkeep, root-rotting by fungi and/or eelworm, and virus disease all occurred together, and when the whole science of plant pathology was still in its infancy, it is scarcely surprising that planters and botanists alike found themselves confronted with a syndrome of exceptional complexity and difficulty. A survey of the early investigations bears witness to the truth of this statement. As compared with the large number of workers on the Virus diseases of other crops, e.g. potato, sugar beet, tobacco, maize, etc., a mere handful has been available, over the years, for the study of the virus diseases of Musa spp., this notwithstanding their great economic importance. In the list set out below, the reader can see the number of seemingly different virus diseases of bananas, etc., that have been reported to date. On more adequate investigation, it may well be found that the same virus causes some of these. Indeed, this is to be expected, since some varieties of banana and abaca may be more resistant than others may and may manifest different symptoms when infected with the same virus.


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