Observations on Musa taxonomy

  • Chapter Authors : Shepherd, K.

  • Document type : Conference paper

  • Year of publication : 1990

  • Conference : International workshop held at Los Baños, Philippines, 5-10 September 1988

  • Book title : Identification of genetic diversity in the genus Musa

  • Editors : Jarret, R.

  • Publisher(s) : INIBAP

  • Place of publication : Montpellier, France

  • Pages : 158-165

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : Taxonomic knowledge of Musa has reached apparently valid sections. It cannot correspond to the results deduced from interspecific hybrids. Proposals for additions to and corrections of the list of Musa acuminata subspecies. Whereas the Callimua and Australimusa are distinctly isolated, the separation of Eumusa and Rhodochlamys is less valid, given the various genetic affinities. The validity of the burmannicoids, the separation of siamea and burmannica, the positions of truncata, errans, banski, etc. are mentioned on the subject of Musa acuminata subspecies. The possibility of finding BBB is not ruled out. Many other observations.

    [La connaissance taxonomique de Musa a abouti a des sections apparement valables. Elles peuvent ne pas correspondre aux resultats et aux evidences,deduites des hybridations inter-specifiques. Propositions d'addition et de correction a la liste des sous-especes de M. acuminata. Alors que les sections Callimusa et Australimusa sont nettement isolees, la separation de Eumusa et Rhodochlamys est moins valable etant donne les diverses affinites genetiques. Dans les sous especes de Musa acuminata, la validite des burmannicoides, la separation de siamea et burmannica, les positions de truncata, errans, banskii etc... sont evoques. La possibilite de trouver des BBB n'est pas exclu. Nombreuses autres observations.]


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