Collection of diversity area of banana in northern Vietnam

  • Authors : Nguyen, D.K.

  • Document type : Book

  • Year of publication : 1995

  • Publisher(s) : VASI

  • Place of publication : Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Pages : 6

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : Up to now, we had organized 2 exploration and collecting missions. The collection trip carried out in the Northern Central part of Vietnam. The total number of indigenous collected samples is 28, among of then there are 2 samples distributed in deep forest. Each collected sample had been described details after codes and INIBAP's descriptors. Every sample had been photographed and collected 5 suckers. The second collection trip covered the North-West of Northern Vietnam. Third trip will be implemented at the end of June along the Red River and Thuong River. In the occasion of the exploration trip of Plant Genetic Diversity in Southern provinces organized by consult of IPGRA, we have reidentified a place for establishing field banana collection of South Vietnam. It will be located at the Fruit Research Center, Which has just been organized in Tien giang provinoe belonging to Cuu long river Delta.


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