Report on the third IBPGR-QDPI banana germplasm collecting mission to Papua New Guinea, 15 February to 12 March 1989

  • Authors : Sharrock, S.; IBPGR; Jones, D.R.; Banag, J.

  • Document type : Book

  • Year of publication : 1989

  • Publisher(s) : IBPGR

  • Place of publication : Rome, Italy

  • Pages : 17

  • Language(s) : English

  • Abstract : This report gives details of the material collected during the third IBPGR-QDPI banana germplasm collecting mission to Papua New Guinea. Further background information on this project is given in reports covering the first and second collecting missions, which took place in 1988. IBPGR, in agreement with the Government of Papua New Guinea, is funding the collection of Musa germplasm in Papua New Guinea. This is being carried out in collaboration with QDPI, which is providing facilities for the tissue culturing and disease screening in quarantine of the collected germplasm. Papua New Guinea is an important centre of diversity of wild bananas with nine species from the genus Musa found there. Conservation of this wild genepool is of particular importance for future banana improvement programmes. A great diversity in cultivated diploid (AA) bananas also exists in Papua New Guinea the only country in the world where the cultivation of such diploid (AA) bananas is of agricultural significance. Vigorous triploid clones are however invading the country and it is feared that they will eventually replace the diploids in banana cultivation. It is therefore important that these unique Papua New Guinea diploids are collected and conserved before they are lost forever.


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